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Kelston is opposite Wandsworth Common and two minutes away from Wandsworth Common Rail Station






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Kelston is a centre for young people run by volunteers on the south side of Wandsworth Common, South London. There’s a good study environment and programme of constructive activities for schoolboys from 10 to 18, with young adults under 25 taking a leadership role.

Kelston is owned and run by Netherhall Educational Association, a registered charity, and is a corporate apostolate of Opus Dei,a personal Prelature of the Catholic Church.

Netherhall Educational Association owns and operates a variety of centres in Great Britain, including clubs like Kelston, halls of residence for students in higher education, and venues for residential courses. The spiritual dimension of its activities is entrusted to Opus Dei, a personal Prelature of the Catholic Church.


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Opus Dei’s mission is to spread the Christian message that every single person is called to holiness. This teaching was at the heart of the Second Vatican Council, which was enormously influential in shaping the Catholic Church’s understanding of what it means to be a follower of Christ in the modern world. Holiness, in fact, means following Jesus Christ, imitating Him in thoughts, feelings, words and deeds. It means loving God and neighbour, with a love that gives rise to other virtues, such as humility, justice, integrity, and solidarity. Holiness is attained only with God’s assistance and our constant striving, but Opus Dei offers support and guidance to help all those who want (whether or not they are members) to aim at such holiness in their ordinary lives, especially through their everyday work.

Opus Dei teaches that any work, if carried out in the spirit of Jesus Christ, competently and honestly, with the aim of loving God and serving others, can be “sanctified”: what matters is the love that is put into work, not its human importance. The work of a hairdresser or a banker can be as holy as that of a priest.

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By train, come to Wandsworth Common railway station which is one stop from Balham and one stop from Clapham Junction. Platform 15 at Clapham Junction brings you to Wandsworth Common. Go out nearest exit and walk left up to main road via Jaggard Way. Kelston is the second house on the right as you go right into Nightingale Lane.


The Underground is a little further away. Clapham South on the Northern Line is 15 minutes’ walk from Kelston. Out of the station you turn left into Nightingale Lane and walk all the way down till you come to Wandsworth Common itself on your right. Kelston is on the left just past Ravenslea Road.

159-161 Nightingale Lane, Wandsworth Common,
London, SW12 8NQ

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Parking restrictions are only for an hour midmorning on a weekday. Wandsworth Common is zone 3 and Clapham South underground is zone 2, as is the 319 and G1 buses outside the club.


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Ring us on
020 8673 2242

159-161 Nightingale Lane
Wandsworth Common
London SW12 8NQ

Drop us an email by clicking on


Please note: Everyone attending must fill in a membership form, including consent and medical details.

Study Centre    Years 11 to 13

Saturdays from 1.45pm till 9pm and Tuesdays 4.30pm till 6.45pm, and other days for private study.

Seniors    Years 8 to 10

Saturday afternoons from 1.45pm till 6.15pm; and the Tuesday Study Club from 4pm till 6.45pm for years 9 and 10 only.

Juniors    Years 5 to 7

Saturday mornings from 9.45am till 12.30pm.



We are always happy to welcome new members. Simply come along and see how you like coming to Kelston for a month. After this, an annual subscription is due at a pro rata rate from September to August.

On first coming to Kelston, please ask for the membership form and the consent & medical form. We need to have contact details of everyone on the premises each day.

Kelston is open to young boys and men from 9 to 25 years of age.

Feel free to ring the club leader on 020 8673 2242 anytime to arrange to bring all the family around to see Kelston.

The youngest age to come to Kelston is nine though every term there is at least one activity that younger brothers and friends over eight can join in with. These events are marked on the Juniors’ programme

Membership Form

 Consent & Medical Form


From September 2017 to August 2018

A subscription fee is due at a pro rata rate from September to August. This means that if you join, say, in February, you pay half the fee from then until August.

Individual Membership         125
Family Membership               145
Associate Membership         65
Associate membership is for those only able to attend one or two activities a term and camps.
We have the policy of reducing the rates appropriately for any family finding it difficult to meet the cost.
Any donation above the cost of membership is always greatly appreciated.
Everyone can also contribute to the Caroline Johnston Fund which subsidises travel costs to the club and the cost of trips for families who need assistance.

 Donation Form

 Bankers Order


Netherhall Educational Association

Kelston is owned and run by Netherhall Educational Association, a registered charity, and is a corporate apostolate of Opus Dei, a personal Prelature of the Catholic Church.

Netherhall Educational Association owns and operates a variety of centres in Great Britain, including clubs like Kelston, halls of residence for students in higher education, and venues for residential courses.

Leadership Team
Pablo Hinojo (Club Leader, Centre Director)
Cliff Cobb (Study Centre Leader, NEA Director - Youth & Social)
Charlie Strinati (Centre Secretary)
Santi Marquez

Michael Strinati, George Tully, Tom C, Peter T,
Evrard Loembe, David Strinati, Richard Tully.

Fr George Boronat
Fr Laurence Richardson and Fr Frank Calduch

Parents’ Management Committee
Lee Ross (Chairman)
June Kimber (Treasurer)
Peter & Bridie Cobb
Mr & Mrs Jefferies and Mr & Mrs Boyle
Dennis Ryan (maintenance advisor)

Parents’ Activities
Chris Doran, Pedro Virgili



We aim to provide young people with opportunities for personal development, through a varied programme of activities within a friendly environment and by offering personal advice and activities to help them improve their study habits and enrich their moral and spiritual life.



The aim of Kelston is to foster the complete development of each individual member.

It is hoped to achieve this by:
- Broadening his interests
- Helping him to realise the meaning of freedom coupled with responsibility
- Assisting him in his academic studies through the provision of good study facilities, tutorials, study skills courses and study weekends away
- Organising activities designed to foster a creative spirit e.g. film-making, photography, graphic art, computing, and drama
- Running excursions, camps and trips abroad to help him in his relations with others
- Giving him a sense of social awareness through visits to and work done for the old and needy

Boys of any race, nationality or religion are welcome at Kelston.

A boy is unable to become a member officially until one month after first coming round, when a membership subscription becomes due. Until this time, however, he may take part in all activities on offer.

There is an informal group of members who help with the running of activities and foster new initiatives. They have a say in the admission of new members and organise their own fund-raising events. Each member of this group has a particular sphere of responsibility in the running of activities.

There is a Management Committee made up of parents and supporters. The Management Committee is mainly responsible for the financial soundness of Kelston and keeping the premises in good repair. They also ensure the continuity of leadership.

There is no official rule book. However, a high degree of service is demanded of each boy. Through his position of confidence and trust, one of the leaders will get to know and help each member to understand the above aims of Kelston.

Kelston is divided into sections according to age and each age group has its own day and time to meet each week. Although activities are open to those of ten years and above, Kelston lays an emphasis on providing activities and an attractive environment for those of fifteen and over.

Constituted on 27th September 1964


Where there are any concerns over the safeguarding of young people, all Kelston members, leaders, and helpers should contact Dr Michael Delany on 01920 822 447. His contact details are displayed in the club on the noticeboard in the basement, besides on the web here. All members, leaders and helpers will periodically be informed of the procedure for dealing with any matters in this area.

Safety and Welfare Policy
Code of Good Practice

All members and staff are welcome to get in touch directly with the Safeguarding Young People Co-ordinator for Kelston.

Dr Michael Delany
14 Huntsman Close
Herts SG11 1US
Tel: 01920 822 447 and 07905997420 (mobile)

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