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For almost 50 years now Kelston has played an active role in the voluntary youth work of south London. With constructive activities, a stimulating study environment and an informal atmosphere, Kelston has gone from strength to strength. 25 years ago we launched a project to expand into neighbouring premises. This would allow us to grow threefold so as to run more and better activities concurrently, for a greater number of young people. We are now on the threshold of achieving this aim.
Kelston is an initiative of the Netherhall Educational Association (NEA) a registered charity which promotes educational ventures in accordance with Christian principles. NEA owns and operates a variety of centres in Great Britain, including clubs like Kelston, halls of residence for students in higher education, and venues for residential courses. Spiritual activities are entrusted to Opus Dei, a personal prelature of the Catholic Church.

The running of Kelston is funded by member subscriptions, local council support and private donations. These costs do not appear in this project.
Mission statement

We aim to provide young people with opportunities for personal development, through a varied programme of activities within a friendly environment and by offering personal advice and activities to help them improve their study habits and enrich their moral and spiritual life.



One-off donations for the Kelston Project can be sent in at any time. Cheques should be made payable to ‘The Kelston Project’ and sent to:

159 Nightingale Lane
London SW12 8NQ

Tax-effective Giving

Many of our supporters make regular monthly or quarterly donations by setting up a standing order through their bank account. With your consent, Kelston as part of the Netherhall Educational Association, is able to claim a further amount from HM Revenue & Customs equal to 25% of every donation you give us. This scheme is called Gift Aid. The only condition is that the total tax you pay in the year should be more than the amount we claim. If you indicate that you are happy for your donations to be treated as payments under Gift Aid, then we can do the rest. The forms required are:

 Donation Form

 Bankers Order

Payroll Giving

Many employers operate a Payroll Giving Scheme, whereby you instruct them to deduct your donation from your gross salary before tax and to send it directly to the Charity.

Higher-rate Tax Payers

If you are a higher-rate taxpayer and you declare your donations on your tax return, you can claim a rebate based on the difference between the higher rate and the basic rate when you fill in your self-assessment form. The self-assessment form allows you to nominate a charity to receive any rebate that you are due. The Inland Revenue will pass the repayment directly on to the charity. So please consider this simple way to add more to your gift to Kelston.
Kelston is a part of Netherhall Educational Association, a registered charity. The charity number is No. 236586

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Social Projects home and abroad
Visits to the elderly
After school homework club
Private study daily
Intensive study weeks
Pre-university courses
One-to-one mentoring
Individual tutoring
Guest speakers
Public speaking and debate
Spiritual development
Understanding one’s faith
Camps and trips abroad
Excursions and cultural visits
Music and performing
Film-making and animation
Engineering projects
Hiking and adventures
Constructing activity programmes
Graphic art and photography
Training in leadership
Older members leading younger


Kelston is run exclusively by volunteers. Many are past members and about fifteen are on the team at any one time. We put a firm emphasis on study, achievement and character development. It offers an attractive place to study outside school, a meeting place to make new friends from many backgrounds, constructive and enjoyable leisure-time activities, and a safe environment within a Christian ethos.

Too few opportunities exist for young people to develop their talents and grow in self-esteem in their choice of leisure-time activities. Kelston is a proven success at demanding from members the commitment and application required to give oneself to others and make the best use of one’s time and personal abilities.

The Study Centre caters for schoolboys, students and young professionals from 15 to 25 and the Club is for those aged between 10 and 14. Through a varied programme of events, Kelston encourages young people to use their time constructively and to improve their ability to study well. Confidence, independence of mind and a strong sense of responsibility towards those around them are fostered during these important years of development

By removing the current restrictions of available space, the project will enable different age groups to come at the same time and thus benefit from Kelston on all days of the week.


    Current club fund-raising and a bridging loan from a European foundation have allowed us to start works before the expiry of the planning permission period. We now need to obtain donations for the works currently undertaken in order to avoid taking on all of the bridging loan, and because Kelston’s fund-raising efforts once the works are finished will have to be focussed on meeting the considerably increased running costs of the expanded centre from day one.
    Capital costs

    Total    1,588,000

    Amount raised so far has been achieved through donations from friends, past members and supporters and an ongoing fund-raising programme by members and families. The running costs of Kelston come from member subscriptions, local council support and private donations.
    Our current appeal is to raise donations and grants to pay for the buildings and other costs associated with the extension, not interest charges or capital repayments.

    Target Donations

    2         250,000
    3         100,000
    4         50,000
    5         25,000
    6         10,000
    25       5,000
    110     1,000

    Further Information

    We can supply NEA’s annual report and accounts on request. NEA’s financial statements are prepared and audited in accordance with the regulations prescribed for all charities.

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